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  • Orion FFA presents awards

  • Orion FFA members have received awards honoring their efforts over the past year.

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    Advisor Jay Solomonson
    Tommy and Lindsay Nicholson Award: Highest award in chapter, for leadership in chapter, school and community—Bobby DeBaillie and John Fielding.
    STAR?Awards: Chapter STAR?Greenhands—Chelsea Vyncke, Cheyenne Stockton. Chapter STAR?Farmer—Jacob Miller. Chapter STAR Ag Placement—Morgan Engnell.
    Blue and Gold Award: For four-year seniors with leadership and active involvement—Chris Zelnio, J. Fielding.
    Outstanding Year: Most activity points in each class—Senior Zelnio, junior Taylor Stock, sophomore Mary Fielding and freshman Chelsea Vyncke.
    Orion FFA?Alumni scholarship: Caleb Seys.
    DeKalb Award: Most outstanding senior—J. Fielding.
    Raymond C. Kuhn Award: Outstanding four-year senior member—Zelnio.
    Chapter scholarship: Highest grade point average in each class—Senior Zelnio, junior Jake Schulenberg, sophomore Dylan Schulenberg, and freshmen Alyssa Gustus, Payton Loete, Kyndal Wallarab.
    Chapter public speaking contest: Prepared speech—1st, Zelnio. Extemporaneous speech—1st, Mary Fielding; 2nd, Taylor Stock.
    Chapter job interview contest: 1st, Trent Zwicker. 2nd, M. Fielding.
    Section job interview contest: Junior varsity—2nd, M. Fielding.
    State job interview contest: Junior varsity—10th, M. Fielding.
    Honorary FFA?Degrees: Larry Miller.
    State Degrees: Bobby DeBaillie.
    Chapter FFA Degrees: Engnell, M. Fielding, Angela Greene, Jacob Klauer, J. Miller.
    Greenhand Degrees: Tyler Boersen, Elissa Daggett, Tyler Dwyer, Alec Gray, A. Gustus, Evan Gustus, Nathan Jones, Neil Larson, Scott Larson, Loete, Tori McCaw, Alyssa McCorkle, Samantha Mitchell, Brayden Moore, Mason Nimrick, Brittany Schuler, Dakota Smith, Stockton, Logan Thornburg, Justin VanIseghem, Brooke Veyette, Vyncke, Brittany Wade, Wallarab.
    Discovery members: Orion Middle School eighth graders enrolled in ag classes and participating in Orion FFA events—Jacob Bergstrand, Emma Bingham, Trent Catlett, Emily Crayne, Merrick Magee, Jordan Sears, Elisabeth Weiss.
    Banquet date: Wednesday, March 7.
    Banquet speaker: Mike Shively of Buckley, Illinois FFA president.
    Section Greenhand Quiz Bowl: Top 10—Tyler Dwyer, Stockton, Gray, Moore, Vyncke, Smith.
    Section horse judging contest: 3rd, Orion (Stock, Vyncke, A. Gustus). 3rd individual, A. Gustus; 7th, Vyncke.
    Section forestry contest: 2nd, Orion (DeBaillie, Engnell, Stockton, Cassidy Campbell, Stock, Vyncke, Dwyer, Greene, Zelnio, M. Fielding, Schuler). 2nd individual, DeBaillie. 5th, Zelnio.
    Section agronomy contest: 2nd, Orion (Crayne, J. Fielding, Alana Bainter, A. Gustus, DeBaillie, Vyncke, Caitlyn Benware, McCaw, Engnell, Zelnio, Campbell, Stock, M. Fielding, Zwicker, Gray, Stockton). 1st individual, Crayne. 3rd, Zelnio. 6th, Benware. 7th, McCaw. 8th, DeBaillie.
    State agronomy contest: J. Fielding, Benware, Crayne, DeBaillie.
    Section parliamentary procedure contest: 2nd, Orion (DeBaillie, Zelnio, Engnell, Stock, Zwicker, M. Fielding). 1st place, floor member, Zelnio. 2nd place, chair, DeBaillie. 2nd place, secretary, Stock. 4th place, floor member, Stock.
    Proficiency awards: Fruit production—1st, J. Fielding. Agriscience research, plant systems—1st, Zelnio. Small animal care—1st, Stock. Goat production—1st, Engnell.
    Public speaking contest: 1st, extemporaneous, M. Fielding.
    district 1 awards
    Ag sales contest: 2nd, Orion (Stock, order taking; M. Fielding, host’s choice; DeBaillie, sales call; Zelnio, customer relations; Trent Zwicker, prospecting; Stockton).
    Proficiency awards: Fruit production—1st, J. Fielding.
    Agriscience fair: 1st, M. Fielding. 2nd, Stock.
    Proficiency award (2011): Agricultural education—1st, Anthony Killion.
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