Twenty-five little girls will share their smiles and poise as they compete in the 2014 Little Miss Henry County Fair Pageant.

Twenty-five little girls will share their smiles and poise as they compete in the 2014 Little Miss Henry County Fair Pageant.

Held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 24 - opening day of the 155th Henry County Fair - at the fairgrounds in Cambridge, the pageant will include the following girls:

1. Claire DeGrave, 5, Geneseo, Luke and Amanda DeGrave; sponsored by Earl Farms

2. Millie Dzekunskas, 5, Cambridge, Kerry Cameron; sponsored by Ms. Dee’s ABCs

3. Claire Reader-Yenor, 7, Cambridge, Dean Yenor and Lisa Reader-Yenor; sponsored by parents

4. Brylee Sheffler, 5, Geneseo, Jake and Cortney Sheffler; sponsored by Top Shelf, Inc.

5. Faith Frykman, 7, Kewanee, Robert and Heather Frykman; sponsored by family

6. Hannah Loehr, 6, Geneseo, Mike and Jill Loehr; sponsored by family

7. Clara Bella VanOpdorp, 7, Annawan, Tony and Juliet VanOpdorp; sponsored by VanOpdorp Trucking

8. Malloree Humphrey, 6, Atkinson, Mark and Karla Humphrey; sponsored by Emerald Bay Salon

9. Chloe Fulcher, 7, Geneseo, Devin and Stacie Fulcher; sponsored by Lindsey Sears Photography

10. Hannah Heitzler, 7, Annawan, Josh and Elissa Heitzler; sponsored by Village Home Stores

11. Ella Anderson, 7, Annawan, Andy and Denelle Anderson; sponsored by Anderson Enterprises

12. Miranda Reed, 7, Cambridge, Blake and Angie Reed; sponsored by Reed Ranch

13. Kendall Ellerbrock, 7, Atkinson, Brad and Lisa Ellerbrock; sponsored by Hanford Insurance Agency

14. Hope Kuster, 7, Geneseo, Chris and Dee Ann Kuster; sponsored by Olsen Show Cattle

15. Madelyn Mooney, 7, Geneseo, Mike Mooney and Abby Mooney; sponsored by Designs on the Boulevard

16. Tyra Jones, 6, Annawan, James and Crystal Jones; sponsored by Top Tier Fitness

17. Caroline Girten, 7, Geneseo, Bill and Tricia Girten; sponsored by Geneseo Jazzercise

18. Joei Christopherson, 6, Geneso, Troy and Wendy Christopherson; sponsored by Crowe Auto Group

19. Janey Neumann, 6, Geneseo, Landon and Sharon Neumann; sponsored by Neumann Farms

20. Kyah Newell, 7, Geneseo, Pat and Tara Newell; sponsored by family

21. Meyah Bradley, 6, Cambridge, Amy Bradley; sponsored by Bill and Kandy Bradley

22. McKenna Leachmann, 7, Geneseo, Bruce and Kristie Leachmann; sponsored by her sister, Tirzah

23. Leah Walker, 6, Geneseo, Shaun Walker and Heather DeBrock; sponsored by Maple Leaf Medical Services

24. Hayley Rubitsky, 5, Geneseo, Jared and Nicole Rubitsky; sponsored by Mallory Cooper of Malibu Sunless Tan

25. Julia Lambin, 6, Alpha, Jarod and Jessica Lambin; sponsored by Seys Family Farms