Photographer Bob Quaintance was inducted into Orion High School's Hall of Fame as a Friend of OHS on Friday, Jan. 5.

I’m Madison Schulenberg and my grandfather Bob Quaintance is being inducted into the Orion Hall of Fame as a Friend of Orion High School.

I’m proud to be giving this speech in honor of a man who wears many hats — literally he has hundreds of Charger hats — and goes by many names, such as “guy with the camera,” “camera guy on the sidelines,” “Bob Q,” “Bob” and my favorite, “Papa Bob.”

When he retired from John Deere 18 years ago, he started photography as a hobby. Taking photos began as something fun to do at his grandchildren’s sporting events and has turned into a daily routine.

Even with only one grandchild left participating in Orion athletics, his visits to Charger games haven’t slowed down. He makes his way down to the sidelines, braving all types of weather to make sure our Charger memories are captured.

He photographs sporting events his grandchildren have never even participated in, including away games.

He creates photo slideshows for year-end banquets and shares his images on Facebook to his more than 1,600 friends.

And he does it all with a smile, capturing history with a grin we all recognize.

His hundreds of thousands of photos have filled yearbooks, newspapers and family scrapbooks in the Orion community for nearly two decades.

Thank you, Papa Bob, for turning moments into memories for not only our family, but for all Charger fans.