BLANDINSVILLE – At a regular meeting of the Blandinsville Village Board, Village President Marilyn Moore expressed concern to Police Chief Robert Phelps about the usage of their police vehicle to patrol areas beyond city limits.
Phelps said, “We are contracted and we have a mutual agreement with the sheriff’s office and also La Harpe PD to where if they have any issues where they need help or anything like that, they can request us to go help them.”
Phelps went on to say a similar mutual agreement exists with fire departments from neighboring areas cooperating with each other to render aid and rescue in the event of a fire.
“The car does leave town occasionally to go out to the reservoir through the back way there. That does happen quite often,” he said. “As far as traffic stops being made out in the county, unfortunately that’s one of those circumstances where you can’t really control where people stop. I’ve been doing this for a long time, working in small towns, and who knows where you’ll get stopped at.”
In addition to various factors such as traffic density; time of day, there are also safety concerns for officers who stop a car. Phelps said, “I do know that we stop some cars that are traveling west-bound; it’s not a very good place to stop once you get on the west side of town until you get to about the Hancock County line…where the bus turnoff is  where you can get completely off the road.”
He continued, “But the traffic violations that they’re stopping are actually occurring within the city limits. With that said, it doesn’t look good, but theoretically you could actually follow them as far as you wanted to follow them to make the stop.”
On another note, Water Superintendent Willy Carnes reported that upgrades to the water treatment facility are installed and appear to be functioning normally. New high-speed variable frequency (VFD) water pumps were installed by BCO Electric Construction and Design.
Carnes said an inspector from Ameren came out to inspect the VFDs, took pictures and spoke with them. “He said everything looked great. So, he will report that back to the people that give the incentive checks back out. Possibly, the maximum that we’re looking at is $8,000 we should get back, which almost covers the whole entire cost of the VFDs themselves. They were $8,200 to put in, and we’re going to get $8,000 back out of it. So, it’s like we got VFDs for free with their incentive program.”
Blandinsville Village Board of Trustees will meet again on Tuesday, April 3, at 7 p.m.

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