MACOMB — Of the 27 dogs left in the McDonough County Animal Shelter at the end of February, 22 are being held as part of a court case alleging animal mistreatment at a residence in Industry. The county board's planning committee was told Thursday that some of the impounded dogs have since given birth to 12 puppies.
Animal Control Officer Kelsey Havens said the puppies and their mothers must now be held for eight weeks. She said a preliminary hearing in the court case is scheduled for March 13.
Havens said many people have provided "lots of donations" to help in the care of the impounded dogs. Bonnie Smith of the Humane Society of McDonough County said one of the members paid to have a puppy's crushed paw amputated.
Of the 37 cats in the animal shelter at the end of February, six are from the Industry case. George Dixon, planning committee chairman, said shelter bills have tripled because of the impounded dogs and cats.
Smith said that the humane society is paying to have a storage shed installed at the shelter next week. She said the society will have a table at the YMCA outdoor show on March 24 and that some shelter cats will be displayed.
In other business, committee member Jenny Hemingway said a draft of revisions to the county policies manual would be available for discussion next month.
Dixon reported on his attendance at an Illinois Association of County Boards meeting in Springfield last week on sexual harassment. He said there were 40 people participating, many representing law enforcement.

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