Facts And Figures Do The Talking
1% Sales Tax Increase For County Schools Examined

 March 20th is the final

day to vote in the 2018

elections. Depending on a

person’s point of view, in

Richland County the candidate’s

names, for the

most part, are either comfortably

or disturbingly

unchanged, as registered

voters already have or

soon will discover.

However, the final item

on the ballot is ironically

the largest one in terms of

public scrutiny, discussion,

and lobbying efforts.

Money is being spent on

both sides to sway voters

for or against a 1% sales

tax increase to fund Richland

County education

building infrastructure

needs and facility upgrade


Historically, there are

few ballot initiatives that

create more dialogue and

action than those affecting

our hard earned dollars,

especially when anyone’s

hand but our own is

reaching for them. In this

regard, attitudes remain

essentially unchanged

from the night British tea

mixed with Boston water.

Rationally, if we earn it,

we want to keep it. Everyone

feels that way, even

the school board members

themselves, and they’re

the folks petitioning the

public to pony up yet


Even the undeniably essential

funding required

for education is almost always

met with strong resistance

in any election

year. 2018 is no exception.

Yard signs sprouting up all

over town are urging voters

to defeat the 1% sales

tax increase on the ballot.

These signs promote one

simple message; Vote No

to a sales tax increase for

Richland County shoppers

in 2018.... to read the full story, pick up a copy of March 13, 2018 edition of the ODM