Students from four area Taekwondo schools gath- ered to compete against each other. Participating schools were Carmi Tae- kwondo Center (CTC), Ol- ney Taekwondo Center (OTC), Wabash Valley Tae- kwondo (WVT) and Lake- land College Taekwondo (LLCTKD). The tourna- ment was hosted by Olney Taekwondo center at Clare- mont School in Claremont, IL.

Events started at 10 am and concluded around 5 pm. There divisions ranging from white belts to black belts.

Seven members from CTC participated in the events including Eva Gro- gan and Master Ryan Marx.

Grogan competed in the 7-8 year old beginner division taking 3rd Place in Forms and Sparring. Marx earned top honors in the Men’s Black Belt division taking 1st Place in Forms, Board Breaking and Sparring.

Tournaments are not just for a trophy. They allow members to meet new peo- ple, make new friends, put nerves to the test, and dis- play skills. By focusing on these purposes, it is very possible to be happy wheth- er one wins or loses.