The official outcome of the Galva School Board race may not be known for a couple of weeks.

Five candidates were competing for four seats, and Tuesday’s unofficial vote count found two incumbents and two newcomers coming out on top.

Incumbent John VanDeVelde led the way with 545 votes, with newcomer Megan Flowers next at 444 votes. Following VanDeVelde and Flowers were incumbent Mike Clucas with 435 votes and newcomer Whitney Olson with 389 votes. Incumbent Jeffry Hawes finished one vote behind Olson at 388 votes.

However, the official vote count will rest with mail-in ballots that remain out, said Henry County Clerk Barb Link.

Link said the county has to wait 14 days for mail-in ballots to be returned. If the ballots are postmarked by midnight on election day, the votes will count in the race.

She believed the county had 12 to 14 mail-in ballots out, but didn’t know if the ballots were from Galva wards.

“The numbers could change if there are any mail-in ballots,” Link said. “Now it’s a waiting game.”