The Galva School Board passed their tax levy Monday night. The levy will generate 7.6% for the 2020-21 school year to support added expenses in the Tort Fund and IMRF/Social Security Fund.  The tax rate has gone up from $4.64 to $4.84 per $100 of assessed valuation.

The board held a public hearing at 6:55 p.m. but no one spoke so the hearing was closed.

The board approved to place for bid the renovations of science labs and approved one more senior to graduate the end of December.

Reports were heard from all of the board members who attended the state school board convention recently in Chicago. Superintendent Doug O’Riley reported he is working on a matching grant from the state for a maintenance item for the district. The board will approve at the January meeting.

School security officer Ralph Brown reported on compiling a book on fire drills, tornado procedures,  and active shooter procedures. He noted that the district does “threat assessments” on individuals that are brought to his attention by other employees. He said that there has been 3 threat assessments done so far this year.  This can get help and get the right resources for these individuals.

It was discussed that career opportunities need to be brought to the attention of Elementary school children.  They need to be aware that all careers do not need a college degree. It is important to know that if they are not college bound that they would not be able to choose a career to pursue instead of quitting school.

The board unanimously approved the following employment items:

*Leslie Rogers as a volunteer for JH cheerleading

*employed Chris Johnson as assistant cross country coach for 2020

*employed Valerie Furrow as head cross country coach for 2020

*employed Josh Morris as head volleyball coach for 2020

*employed  Krystal West as F/S volleyball coach for 2020

*employed Brandon Owens as JH baseball coach for 2020

*employed Jennifer DeCrane as JH softball coach for 2020

*employed Jackie Clucas as 8th grade girls’ basketball coach for 2020

*employed Jennifer DeCrane as 7th grade girls’ basketball coach for 2020