Reagan Lommell is no ordinary high school Sophomore. Besides cheerleading, school athletics, and staying on top of her studies, she is single handedly (almost) building a memorial to Illinois' fallen K9 officers.

What began as her Girl Scout Gold project, similar to the counterpart Boy Scout Eagle project, it has taken on a life of it's own. Having reached the highest level in Girl Scouting that can be attained, the last step is the completion of the Gold project. This is a service project that provides lasting benefit to the community, entails 80 or more hours of planning and completion of the actual project. Plans must be developed with the aid of her troop advisor, in this case, troop leader Tauyna McGee. From there, Reagan went to the Atkinson Village board in October of 2019, with her plans, and asked for the variances to build a dog park near the old high school football field.

With permission in hand, Reagan went to work, or rather, she and her dad did. She had secured donations for most of the $1050 of remaining materials needed to build the fencing and gates.  Her father, Dan, has donated his time and sweat to install the 48 fence posts, dig the holes, encase the posts in cement, and prep the area for the rest of the fence construction.  At this time, construction has halted due to weather, allowing time for Reagan to further raise funds for the project.  In the spring, a skid loader and additional materials will be required to put mesh under the fencing, a weed deterrent, before the chain link is put up. With additional funds, a memorial to fallen K9 officers would be placed at the park, as well as special recognition to Geneseo's own K9 officer Bobby who died in 2013.

 December 6, Reagan accepted a $500 donation from the Quad City K9 officers towards the construction of the park.  She is also conducting a 50/50 drawing to help with expenses, and maybe add to the project. Anyone interested in donating to the Fallen K9 Officers Memorial Dog Park, can contact Reagan through the Fallen K9 Officers dog park of Atkinson Facebook page, or obtain 50/50 tickets through the Village offices during regular business hours.