Frankie Cortes of Galva received his golf cart Monday afternoon in front of Special Kneads Bakery  which was given to him by the Good Morning  America team, Michael, Sarah and Keki. Frankie and his Mom appeared on the show  to feature his mother’s Special Kneads Bakery. Frankie was was very surprised to see the cart and just kept saying. “I am so excited.”

Margaret opened the bakery downtown Galva  a little over a year ago so she and her son would have a job. Frankie, 18  who has Cerebral Palsy will graduate in May after attending special needs school. Frankie had been saving his money to purchase a golf cart so he can make deliveries for the bakery and get to his other part time jobs he has around Galva. Frankie shreds papers at Massie and Quick law office, works at Special Kneads in the front helping customers and is a lobby attendant at Subway in Galva which his brother Greg owns.

The Club Car was customized for Frankie being a little lower, the back seat folds down and has a space for him to put his baked goods while delivering. It is even equipped with blue tooth so he can listen to music from his phone.

A reception was held in the bakery when Frankie arrived on the bus from school. Crescent City Tap provided pizzas, Subway provided sandwiches and Special Kneads Bakery had cinnamon rolls.

Margaret Cortes said Channel 6 was at Galva High School in December when Frankie danced with the Dance Drill Team at halftime. She said after that Channel 6 had interviewed her about the bakery and Fox News then ran the story about a mother opening a bakery so her special needs son would have a job. “After than I got messages from Australia, Japan, the UK and many more.” Noted Margaret. She said, “I will be doing an interview with a reporter from Japan in March.”

Frankie has two more things to look forward to as he was asked to Galva Prom on his 18th birthday and his graduation from high school in May.

Frankie is the son of Frank and Margaret Cortes of Galva and has three grown brothers, Kerry, Greg and Jerrod.