In response to Bill Knight’s column on 2/20/2018: If “Now is not the time,” when will it be?

First of all, who is he to tell me my thought and prayers are insincere concerning the shootings at Parkland, Fla.! He blames the NRA, which a lot of pundits are trying to do. The think they are the so-called experts when they actually know very little. I AM THE NRA! I am a Life Member and proud of it. The NRA is 5 million members plus and growing. I and I’m sure all the members prayed for all the victims and their families as the tragedy happened. I do not want anything like this to ever happen again but I have no answers in this “politically correct world.” The FBI didn’t follow up on Mr. Cruz. The Broward County Sheriff’s office should have suspected something after 45 calls to the residence. To me, Mr. Cruz should have been put on the NCIS list. He should have been put on it a long time ago so he could not have purchased any type of gun. But again in this “politically correct world” we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Until we get by this problem these kinds of things will continue to happen and I will continue to pray for the victims and families.
Mr. Knight also listed 30 mass shootings since the first of the year. I checked out all of them on the computer. I don’t believe he did. I’m certain he just took the word of What they fail to tell you is of the 30 shootings only two were truly “mass” — Benton, Ky. and Parkland Fla. Twenty were gang shootings and eight were domestic violence. I wish there weren’t any. But we have been having gang shootings since the days of Al Capone and before. Domestic violence has been occurring since man and woman got together. Neighter can be stopped. None of it can be condoned. All we can do is try and help those that need help and maybe reduce the number instances.

Richard Smart