To the voters of Illinois

It is quite clear after three years of Governor Rauner’s leadership the state of Illinois is worse off than when he took office. He failed to pass any of his agenda to turn Illinois around. He did sign off on bailing the Chicago schools and teachers’ pensions out. IIlinois taxpayers are to now pay for abortions and he also signed the bill making Illinois a sanctuary state. These are the signs of a liberal and not a conservative.
Rather than trying to get along with Mike Madigan he declared all out war. I agree that Madigan has had too much power for way too long, but you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. Rauner has also lost the backing of many of the Republicans in the state house.
Jeanne Ives is relatively unknown downstate and represents a strong Republican suburb up by Chicago. If she is elected governor, I believe she would represent all of Illinois equally. She has been a representative for six years, is a strong conservative and will reach across the aisle if it will help her constituents. She is getting backing from a lot of her Republican co-workers and the state house. She is also a West Point graduate and served our country six years.
Rauner is trying to buy his way to a second term as governor. Do not believe the lies that he is promoting about Jeanne Ives. Why would anyone, Republican or Democrat, be willing to spend $50 million of their own money to be governor? Ives entered this race late and I think she would be a great governor. Ives will work with both parties and Madigan and make changes for the betterment of Illinois. Rauner wanted to make changes only his way and that has not worked out very well for the people of Illinois.

A conservative independent
Nealy Wallick