To The Editor:

I support Junius Rodriguez for the House of Representatives representing the Illinois 18th district. We had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Rodriguez in our home this fall for a meet-and-greet where we were able to discuss his positions in detail. Rodriguez is a centrist Democrat whose views are compassionate, thoughtful and intelligent. He truly has the best interests of all the people of the 18th district, not just those of corporations or the Republican party. As a longtime resident of the 18th District, Rodriguez teaches at Eureka College, where he serves on two boards for local organizations that provide programs for young people, seniors and individuals with special needs, as well as an emergency shelter for women and their children. These commitments to his community demonstrate that he understands the challenges everyday people face and is dedicated to making our lives better.
Rep. LaHood has demonstrated time and again that he will vote party before country and he is failing to uphold his vow to defend the Constitution. His refusal to even host a town hall in Quincy demonstrates his unwillingness to face his own constituents. Instead, he treats Quincy as a prop, wasting taxpayer money when he brought former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price out to Quincy for a photo op at a closed meeting the public wasn’t invited to. We need someone who will actually listen to constituents. By contrast, Junius Rodriguez has promised to open a field office in Quincy so we can have someone local who will help us address issues as they arise.
Rodriguez has made several other commitments to demonstrate that he will be working only for his constituents, not himself, out-of-state donors or corporations. He supports fair wages for everyone, a sound environmental policy that protects farmers, and taking care of our veterans and the military service members serving and protecting, all without adding trillions to the deficit to give billionaires tax cuts while the rest of us get crumbs—which is something Rep. LaHood voted for. If elected, Rodriguez has promised to opt-out of the congressional pension system. If you want a public servant who will bring folks together to find common sense solutions rather than more of the same career politicians, the choice is clear in 2018 – vote for Junius Rodriguez.

Sarah Anderson